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I. Tournaments

(last updated February 23, 2021):

Tournament Organization & Requirements:
– Gorilla Clubhouse is the organizer of GCH tournaments.
– We will focus on creating fun and fair tournaments. For this, rules may be added, removed, changed or adjusted if and when necessary.
– Players may be removed/excluded from tournaments if we see reason to do so (e.g. attempts to cheat/hack/manipulate, inappropriate behavior, unsportsmanlike conduct, harassing other players, racism, sexism, etc.).
– If we encounter any technical and/or network related issues during a tournament, we will try to find the best possible solution to the issue and make changes to the tournament’s organization if necessary. Please note that in certain situations, we might not be able to mitigate all negative affects and you might be left with a disadvantage.
– To join and participate in any tournaments, you have to be 14 years or older.
– During tournaments, you have to be available on our Discord server https://discord.gg/ztrqcAuCdt.
– If we need to cancel or postpone a tournament, we will inform you about all relevant details as soon as possible on our Discord. You can’t claim any prizes for cancelled or postponed tournaments.

Prize Money & Entry Fees:

– If you qualify for any of the GCH tournaments’ prizes, you have to accept and comply with the following terms and conditions, so that GCH will be able to pay out the prize money:
— A) Our tournament prize pools are managed on and will be processed and paid out via https://matcherino.com (Matcherino).
— B) To receive payouts from Matcherino, you must have or create a Matcherino account. More information on Matcherino cash-outs can be found here: https://intercom.help/matcherino/en/articles/2060996-cashing-out-of-the-platform
— C) You agree that any potential costs caused by Matcherino payouts will be deducted from your prize money.
— D) You agree that your personal information (e-mail address) will be used for the purposes of recording payments related to prize money.
— E) If we can’t verify your personal and/or payout data, we will get back to you to clarify open questions. In case we identify any kind of fraudulent and/or malicious intent, we have the rights to withhold your prize money indefinitely.
– If we require an entry fee for a tournament, payments need to be completed before players can join and participate in the tournament.

– By joining and participating in tournaments organized by GCH, you accept and agree to all our terms and conditions.